Self Determination

Self-determination seeks to give persons with developmental disabilities, their guardians and/or families, the opportunity to choose or create supports that will meet the preferred lifestyle of the individual.

"As I get to know the Self Determination staff, I have found that they are really there for the participants and I really like having them a part of my son's team." -from a parent

Program Coordinators:

Dolores Cummings, Self Determination Coordinator |785-506-8651
Cari Blankingship, Self Determination Coordinator | 785-506-8643
Nancy Griffin
, Self-determination Payroll/Billing Coordinator | 785-506-8732


Important Time-Sheet Notice:

On the 1st and 16th of each month by 5:00 p.m. please submit all time-sheets Nancy Griffin:
Must be Faxed or e-mailed
Fax: 785-233-4911, ATTN: Nancy Griffin (Self Determination)
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"Self Determination allows me the opportunity to enhance MY quailty of life." - a participant in Self DeterminationWhat can you gain from Self Determination?

  •     Develop a plan for your preferred lifestyle
  •     Explore creative ways to achieve the plan
  •     Develop individual budget with the funding you have
  •     Allow individuals and/or families to be decision makers concerning the supports
  •     Opportunities to learn by making choices
  •     Be the driving force in your plan

Self determination participants gain more control over how funds are expended, take on the responsibility of directing their services and become an active, contributing member in their community.

"Self Determination allows me the opportunity to enhance my quality of life." -a participant in Self Determination